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Meet Our Ponte Vedra Beach Dental Team

Dawn - Practice Administrator

Dawn was born in Cocoa Beach. She has been in the dental industry for over three decades, starting out as a sterilization technician, and developing OSHA compliance. Dawn was the youngest licensed dental radiographer at 15 and E.F.D.A. in the state at 16. Dawn then began her career as an assistant, and soon after, a clinical director for pediatric dentistry at All Childrens Hospital in St Petersburg. She has worked with the state of Florida to develop dental programs along with the United Way, for underserved areas. Educated at the University of South Florida, she is in love with continued education! Dawn's vast clinical experience, knowledge of business and industry, and advanced training gives her the ability to support our practice and our team in all areas, and we are happy to have her! We love her unique blend of witty humor and professionalism, how involved she is with her team's success, and her high standards.

When Dawn is not serving her team, she enjoys gardening, the beach, music festivals, and spending time with her family. Her son Luke serves our military and attends college while her other son Ethan, attends and wrestles for PV High, Go Sharks!


Patti - Administrative Assistant & Patient Concierge

Born in Saratoga Springs, Ny, Patti has well over three decades of experience in the dental field. She worked as a dental assistant before becoming an administrative assistant. As a patient concierge, she helps direct the flow of the office while also building lasting connections with our patients. She truly enjoys working with her dental family and is passionate about getting to know our patients and mastering the details. Patti's ability to remember those details helps us as a team to exceed your expectations. We are blessed to have her!

When she is not in the office, Patti is likely spending time with her friends and loved ones. She also loves hanging out with her daughter(who attends FSU currently, and we are all very proud of her!), and walking on the beach hunting for shark's teeth!


Deana - Administrative Assistant & Insurance Coordinator

Deana grew up in a town south of Detroit, Michigan. Deanna was a dental assistant prior to adapting to her business role. As an insurance coordinator, her dental knowledge helps her to advocate for you and help maximize your insurance benifits. Her passion is helping our patients get the most out of their benefits so they can achieve happy and healthy smiles. One of the things she likes most about our practice is that we focus on patient care rather than the cost of treatment. She is an integral part of your visit and works directly with your insurance company to make things happen! Deanna will likely be who you see at the end of your appointment, so she gets the reward of seeing your beautiful smiles, and that is one of her favorite things.

Outside of the practice, Deana is a mother of two wonderful children. Other than spending time with her family, she enjoys reading, hanging out at the beach, and is a major fan of everything Disney.


Kelle - Clinical Coordinator 

Originating from Kansas City, MO, Kelle has been working in the field of dentistry for over two decades. After spending several years as a ceramist in a dental lab, she ventured into the office setting, getting x-ray certified and became a dental assistant. When Kelle came to PVCD, she brought all her dental knowledge to use in her current position. With our Doctor's direction she helps patients to understand their conditions and can make educated and informed decisions about their care. Kelle helps direct the flow of treatment and coordinate appointments with our specialists when needed. Communicating our Doctor's strategies for care, coordinating with our insurance coordinator to maximize benefits, and to create affordable options for their treatment is her passion. Kelle's favorite thing about our practice is the Doctor's thoroughness with our patients' and their genuine care for the patients' overall well-being.

At home, Kelle enjoys spending time with her two Frenchie's, Koko and Tank. (They even have their own lnstagram!) Look for her riding her beach cruiser at Jacksonville Beach on the weekends, or frequenting the local dog park.


Brooke - Expanded functions Dental Assistant

Brooke was born and raised in Duval County and has been working in the dental field for nearly a decade. As a dental assistant, she truly enjoys helping during various types of procedures and informing patients on how to maintain great oral health. She also handles "all things inventory" and maintains strong relationships with our vendors to stay ahead of the curve on the best and highest quality materials available in the industry. One of her favorite reasons to work at PVCD is how much she appreciates the professionalism and work ethic demonstrated by our team. Brooke has advanced training in lnvisalign and digital workflows.

When she isn't in the practice, Brooke spends time with her family and friends. She also likes going to local events, spending time in nature, and traveling to places and locations she has never visited!


Mike - expanded functions Dental Assistant

Hailing from Tavares, FL., Mike spent 8 years serving our country in the US Navy and the US Marine Corp. He then went the to Dental School for Dental Assisting and Technology and now, Mike has been a dental assistant for three decades! He has advanced training from the University of Florida, and has hands-on experience in all dental modalities. At PVCD, Mike is integral in our patient care and quality control. Maintaining strong relationships with some of the best dental laboratories in the country, he helps manage our workflow. Mike has Advanced training in lnvisalign and provisional restorations.

For fun, Mike enjoys being outdoors, athletics, reading, and hanging out at the beach.


Emily - expanded functions Dental Assistant

As a native to Jacksonville, Emily has been working at our dental practice since 2020. Since becoming an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, she is usually found running around the office helping assist the Doctor's, educating patients, helping our admin team with tasks, taking care of the minutiae we need to function! She wears many hats and has become more involved lately with the ever-evolving tech side of dentistry. Emily loves working with her amazing team, building relationships with our patients, and helping them achieve their goals. Emily has advanced training in digital workflow and complex surgical cases.

If you don't see her at the office, Emily is likely hanging out with her family and loved ones. She also enjoys hiking, being outside, and having a fun day on the water.


Lori - Expanded Duties Dental Assistant

Born in Ohio, Lori later moved to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, where she now helps patients get the dental care they need while informing them on the best practices for maintaining their oral health. She began her career by attending the University of Florida College of Dentistry, becoming an Expanded Duties Dental Assistant. With over three decades of experience, most of which have been spent with PVCD, she has had the ability to focus her skillset to deliver the most comfortable experience for you. Lori has advanced training in lnvisalign and digital workflow. Simply, Lori keeps us moving!

When she isn't at the practice, Lori takes the time to hang out with herhusband and their two children. She also loves the beach, riding her bike, and making memories with loved ones.


Maria - Certified Dental Assistant

Maria was born in Cali, Colombia before moving to Saint Augustine, FL. She began her career in dentistry by attending a dental assisting school and earning her certification. With over 30 years of experience, she gets to work with anamazing team while helping her Doctor's perform state of the art dental procedures. Maria is always willing to help in any event, without question and loves to expand her dental knowledge by continuing to learn new ways to compliment her team. Maria has advanced training in lnvisalign and digital work flow.

Maria has two daughters that she is incredibly proud of, as one of them is a psychologist and the other is an EMT. She also enjoys traveling whenever she isn't at the office. She is an avid gardener and enjoys spending time outside.


Christine - certified Registered, Dental Hygienist

Christine has been a dental hygienist for 25 years! She has enjoyed the freedom PVCD has offered her over the years to continue learning to provide the very best quality of care to her patients. She has advanced training from the University of Florida. Christine is gentle and caring as a person, and as a provider. She truly enjoys educating her patients and helping them maintain their oral health. You will know Christine by her giggle that can be heard throughout the office. Her favorite part of working here is the effort of her team and the culture of our practice.

For fun Christine enjoys hanging out with her beautiful daughter, going to concerts, and being outdoors.


Melissa - Certified Registered, Dental Hygienist

Melissa is native to Jacksonville. She has undergone extensive training to become a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist. As a dental hygienist, she educates our patients on how to have a healthy mouth and create overall wellness. Helping our patients to preserve their clean and healthy teeth and gums so that they can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable smile, and better systemic health. Her passion is educating her patients. She has advanced training through the University of Florida and lnvisalign. The highest quality of care and the extensive education she delivers, makes her an incredible part of our team.

Outside of the office, Melissa spends much of her time with her husband David, and their family of five children. When she gets the chance, she likes to explore and travel to new places. She also enjoys bicycling, playing tennis, and hanging out at the beach.


Sandy - Registered Dental Hygienist

Sandy loves the relationships she has nurtured over her 18 years here at PVCD with her patients. Her passion is in the relationships she has made with both her patients and her team. Sandy has an ability to help you feel comfortable in her chair and provides impeccable service. She is a seasoned hygienist with over three decades of experience, that appreciates the comprehensive care our Doctor's provide and educating her patients about their oral health. She has advanced training through the University of Florida.

Sandy enjoys jogging, riding her bike, and spending time with her husband.


Vera - Registered Dental Hygienist

Raised in Titusville, Florida, Vera has over three decades of experience working in the field of dentistry. She started her career by joining the US Air Force before moving to dental assisting and studying to become a registered dental hygienist. You'll find her helping around the office and educating her patients on the importance of keeping their teeth and gums clean and promoting a healthier life. Her favorite thing about our practice is the attention to every detail and the high standards our team upholds every day, for our patients and each other.

Whenever she isn't at the office helping patients with their smiles, Vera spends time with her family and friends. She also likes hanging out outdoors, kayaking, and beach combing.