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Over the years, Dr. Harth and Dr. Townsend have transformed the health and beauty of countless smiles for the better here in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Take a look at our smile gallery below for an up-close-and-personal look of some of these cases! All of them represent dental work that our team personally performed, and all patients were pleased with the outcome and happy to share the pictures with others.

These cases and photos all represent dental work done in our office by our doctors. The patients were pleased with the outcome and offered their approval to show the pictures to others.

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Case 1

This patient is a wonderful example of the difference between tooth dentistry and complete dentistry. She came to our office with multiple dental problems: broken teeth, leaking fillings, painful teeth, inflamed gums, and tooth decay. She has lived all over the world, never staying in one location for long. As a result, she primarily received emergency dental care. If a tooth hurt or was broken, she would have that tooth restored. Our treatment plan included non-surgical gum treatment and crown restorations. The results speak for themselves.

case 1 smile beforecase 1 bottom teeth beforecase 1 side view before case 1 smile aftercase 1 bottom teeth aftercase 1 view after

Case 2

This is an example of severe wear due to a bad bite combined with clenching and grinding. By bonding strong porcelain crowns to these badly worn teeth, we were able to restore the patient to ideal function and esthetics.

case 2 beforetop teeth before case 2 aftertop teeth after

Case 3

This patient had badly rotated teeth, large spaces, a bad bite, and poor smile esthetics. She was able to correct this with invisalign.

case 3 beforecase three teeth beforecase three bottom row beforecase three top row before case 3 aftercase three teeth aftercase three bottom row afterCase three top row after

Case 4

This 19-year-old young man broke his tooth in a scooter accident. No two teeth are alike and teeth are never just one color, so we maintain two systems of composite materials, giving us over 30 shades to choose from. In this case, we selectively blended four shades of composite material to perfectly match the appearance of the adjacent teeth.

Chipped tooth before chipped tooth after

Case 5

This patient did not like the dark edges around her back crowns. She wanted her teeth to be lighter in color and wanted the color uniform throughout her mouth. She was concerned about the teeth looking unnatural, so you will notice small asymmetries in the shape and position of the teeth to avoid a fake looking appearance.

case 5 teeth beforecase 5 top row beforecase 5 bottom row before case 5 teeth aftercase 5 top row aftercase 5 bottom row after

Case 6

This patient is a complete success story! He desired an overall health transformation. Part of this transformation was a full mouth reconstruction using mainly veneers and crowns. The results were truly transformative.

case 6 patient beforecase 6 side profile beforecase 6 close shot before case 6 patient aftercase 6 side profile aftercase 6 close shot after