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Ponte Vedra Beach Sedation Dentistry Helps Patients Relax

Whether it’s a fear of the dentist, chronic neck or back pain, or any other barrier that prevents you from reclining into the dental chair for an extended period of time, sedation dentistry can help. Dr. Harth and Dr. Townsend are pleased to offer our patients oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide. Whether you’re from Ponte Vedra Beach or nearby Nocatee and Jacksonville Beach, we can help you receive the relaxing dental care you seek.

Oral Conscious Sedation

You take the medication for oral conscious sedation about an hour before your appointment at Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry. By the time you’re settling into the dental chair for your treatment, its effects have taken over and you are able to relax. You remain conscious throughout this type of sedation, just completely removed from worry that’s related to what’s going on around you. People with chronic pain are also often able to lie back comfortably with the help of oral conscious sedation.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, is a milder form of anesthesia administered through a small nasal mask. As you breathe the medication in throughout the procedure, you will feel relaxed, light, and even happy to be at the dentist’s — it’s not called laughing gas for nothing. And once the treatment is complete, the effects of nitrous oxide wear off almost immediately, allowing you to go on about your day without any lasting grogginess.