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What is Complete Dentistry?

"Complete Dentistry" is a philosophy of addressing and evaluating the entire masticatory system (all parts involved with chewing). The jaw joints, teeth, gums, and muscles must work together and the teeth must fit together properly (bite or occlusion) for the health, comfort of the patient, and long-term stability of the teeth. So much would be missed if a dentist focused solely on the teeth.

"Complete Dentistry" also means finding the root cause of dental problems. Imagine that a patient presents a broken tooth. Surely we will plan to do an appropriate restoration to repair the tooth, but we will also look for the etiology (what may have caused the tooth to break down in the first place) and address these issues.

The third component of "Complete Dentistry" is treating patients through an integrated team approach. Drs. Townsend and Harth often collaborate with each other on patient care issues (a built-in second opinion). Our goal is to achieve the best treatment outcome for our patients. We also work closely with several local dental specialists (oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, etc) who have demonstrated a high level of patient care.

Lastly, we have sought out and maintain relationships with a select few dental labs that share our commitment to using only high quality materials and the highest levels of artistry and workmanship. The quality of our lab cases when producing crowns, bridges, veneers, partials, and dentures is second to none.