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Root Canal Therapy – Ponte Vedra Beach

Save Your Tooth and Relieve Your Pain

Our doctors at Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry are thoroughly trained to provide root canal therapy to the residents of Ponte Vedra Beach and the surrounding communities. Root canal therapy is a procedure that extracts decayed pulp from the central part of the tooth, reshapes the canal, and replaces it with strengthening filler.

What is a Root Canal?

Woman with tooth pain

Though the term is often used to refer to the medical procedure, “root canal” is also the name for the inner part of the tooth between the inner pulp and the roots of the teeth. The pulp is a lifeline for the tooth; it’s located in the center and delivers blood supply and nerve supply. This area contains nerves and blood vessels. These nerves can sense heat, cold and other stimuli, but otherwise they don’t serve any purpose.

Root canal therapy is the process of removing diseased pulp from the tooth. The nerves and blood vessels contained in the pulp are taken out as well, but a structurally sound tooth can still function without them.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Inside of tooth

  • The patient is given a local anesthetic to numb the area.
  • An access hole is made into the tooth to allow for removal of infected or dead dental pulp.
  • The tooth is comprehensively cleaned, including any cracks and canals.
  • With special tools, the doctor reshapes the canals.
  • The tooth is filled again with cutting edge biocompatible filling material.
  • A temporary covering is used to cover the access opening.
  • Upon completion, a permanent restoration is placed.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

Woman rubbing jaw

Cavities are the result of superficial decay of the enamel of the tooth. It is by all means an infection. Left long enough, this decay can burrow into the deeper reaches of the tooth, causing extensive damage to tooth structure. When the infection reaches the pulp, often the damage is irreversible. The pulp requires removal at that point. The dentist can perform a root canal, preserving the tooth and retaining its original integrity; therefore, this saves a tooth that in the past would have had to be pulled.

Recovering from a Root Canal

Patient thumbs up

We will give you instructions on how you can manage your pain and care for your tooth after root canal therapy. Anesthesia will be used to numb the pain during surgery; once it wears off, you can expect some tenderness in the affected area as well as some soreness in the jaw. You can usually control these symptoms with over-the-counter medications, though we may give you a stronger prescription drug.

Wait until the anesthetic has worn off to eat so that you don’t accidentally bite your tongue or the inside of your mouth. You’ll need to stick to a soft foods diet for a while; good choices include oatmeal, lukewarm vegetable soup, mashed bananas, avocados, meatloaf, scrambled eggs, or pasta. You can brush and floss as normal while recovering from a root canal, but be careful while flossing around the treated tooth. Contact our practice if there are any issues with your recovery.