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The Clear Way to Straighter Teeth: How Invisalign Adult Braces Can Help You

July 29, 2015

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In our blog entry today, we are going to talk about the benefits of having straighter teeth and ways that we can help you achieve and straighter smile at Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry. Have you ever wished that your teeth could be straighter? Most people think that braces should only be worn by children or teenagers while they are still growing. According to the American Dental Association, healthy teeth can effectively be treated with orthodontics at any age. At Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry, we frequently update our blog in order to provide our patients with the most up to date dental information and treatment options. We are committed to patient education and are happy to answer any questions that you may have electronically or on the telephone at (904)285-7711. If you are interested in adult braces and would like to learn more about Invisalign, please visit the Invisalign section of our website for additional information.

What are Some of the Advantages of Having Straighter Teeth?

Many people believe that the only reason that someone would want to have straighter teeth is so that they appear more attractive. While a beautiful smile is one of the benefits of orthodontic treatment, there are also many other benefits. Straight teeth can lead to better oral hygiene due to increased access to the nooks and crannies of teeth that may, otherwise, be difficult to reach with traditional toothbrushes and floss. When teeth are easier to clean and keep clean, there are fewer incidences of both gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis and cavities. Additionally, orthodontic straightening and aligning of teeth can lead to more effective chewing and speaking. Orthodontic treatment may also improve the ability of the jaw to function properly.

Why Would I Want to Opt for Treatment with Invisalign Instead of Traditional Metal Braces?

Invisalign has many benefits over traditional metal braces. The obvious advantage that many patients are familiar with is the fact that Invisalign braces are clear and appear virtually invisible. Additionally, Invisalign aligners are removed while eating and brushing and flossing. This allows patients to continue to eat whatever foods they prefer and allows for far superior oral hygiene. Most patients would agree that Invisalign aligners are also more comfortable than traditional metal braces

Does Invisalign Work For Everyone?

Invisalign is currently available for both adults and teenagers. Invisalign is usually a great option for adults who underwent orthodontic treatment at a younger age but have had some relapse in alignment so that teeth have become less straight over the years. Invisalign is a custom-made product that can effectively straighten many peoples’ teeth. It is important to consult with your dental provider to find out if Invisalign is right you.

How Does Invisalign Work and What are the Treatment Steps?

Invisalign works with a series of clear, comfortable, plastic trays called aligners that are worn by the patient at all times other than while eating, drinking, or brushing and flossing teeth. The trays are easy to remove and can be removed discretely at your own convenience. During treatment, which lasts between 6-15 months, you will wear a new aligner every 2 weeks. Each aligner will be progressively straighter and cause a gradual movement of the teeth. You will visit your dentist every 4-6 weeks in order to monitor treatment and receive new aligners.

Many patients are extremely happy with the results that they have been able to achieve using Invisalign adult braces. Here at Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry, we are happy to meet with you and to help you obtain the smile of your dreams. If you live in the Ponte Vedra Beach area or surrounding communities and are interested in Invisalign treatment for you or a family member, feel free to contact us any time electronically or call us at (904)285-7711.

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