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What Factors Affect the Cost of Dental Implants?

October 19, 2023

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A 3D rendering of dental implant parts

If you weren’t aware, dental implants are very popular as tooth replacements. That’s mainly because they offer unique perks that dentures and bridges don’t! Still, you may want to know their price before you commit. Truthfully, though, the cost of dental implants isn’t a set number. The restorations’ price depends on various patient-specific factors. That said, your local dentist can tell you more about the latter. Here are four vital factors that affect the cost of dental implant treatment.

Preliminary Procedures

Typically, it isn’t just the implant work itself that affects treatment costs. The price is also influenced by whether you require preliminary work.

You see, decent oral health is a must for implants. The restorations won’t work if your gums and jaw aren’t strong enough. As such, you may need preliminary procedures to qualify for treatment. These services can span periodontal therapy, bone grafting, tooth extractions, and more. If one (or more) is required, you’ll pay more for implants than you would otherwise.

Number of Implants Placed

Naturally, how many implants you get will also affect the treatment price. The cost will rise accordingly with each one you add to the procedure.

Given this fact, single implants are cost-effective if you only need one, two, or three. When you’re missing all (or many) of your teeth, though, an alternative may be preferable. In the latter scenario, a denture or dental bridge would have similar effects for a lower price. They can even be implant-based if needed, though you’d only get two to six implants.

Implant Material

To function, dental implants need biocompatible materials. Anything else would keep them from integrating with your jawbone. That said, the relevant components can vary and have differing prices.

Aside from a ceramic crown, implants typically use titanium alloy or zirconium. The former metal makes for a cheaper treatment. In contrast, zirconium implants tend to be rather costly. Some patients prefer them, however, for blending well with natural teeth.

Dentist Expertise

Of course, your dental surgeon’s quality is also relevant. The more well-trained and experienced the dentist, the more you’ll pay for implant work.

Becoming a dental surgeon is a long and difficult process. First, the applicant has to pass a two-part National Board Dental Examination for state licensing. From there, they must undergo extensive training outside of dental school. This extra education usually takes the form of a four to six-year residency. Some dental surgeons also get dual degrees, graduating from medical school after dental school.

Ultimately, the cost of dental implants involves many factors. To better grasp your own treatment’s price, memorize the points above and talk to your dental provider!

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