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Smile Design: Can You Have The Smile You Always Wanted?

November 9, 2015

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We are here this week to talk about a dental topic that has been increasing in popularity in recent years—how to obtain the perfect smile. Many patients visit our dental office with the common goal of attaining that “Hollywood Smile.” Perfect teeth can mean drastically different things to different people, however, and our goal is to help our patients achieve their individual goals when it comes to getting the look that they desire. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Americans place an extremely high value on the smile. Over 99% of surveyed adults believe that a nice smile is an important social aspect and a slightly smaller percentage believe that an attractive smile can make a person appear more attractive to members of the opposite sex. We want to help you achieve the smile of your dreams so that you can appear more attractive, youthful, successful and confident.


Adult Braces – Is It Ever Too Late? Ponte Vedra Dentist

November 19, 2014

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When you think of braces, most likely you are thinking about teenagers. Most people who have had braces have had them during these years. This is a great time to have teeth altered. The permanent teeth have just come in and it is often good to get it over with so straight teeth can be maintained for years to come. The invention of Invisalign; however, has created a paradigm shift in orthodontics. Now adults of any age can obtain straight healthy looking teeth and do so easily. At Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry, we are dedicated to educating Ponte Vedra and surrounding communities about oral health. Feel free to check out our past blog posts for more information!


Professional Teeth Whitening vs. At Home Whitening; What are the Facts?

October 5, 2014

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Did you know that Americans spend over $1.4 billion annually on over-the-counter teeth whitening products?

It is a guarantee that not every one of these purchases was researched to determine if these products actually work. Do over-the-counter whitening products actually whiten teeth?  Is it worth visiting the dentist and spending the extra money to have professional whitening done?

At Ponte Vedra Complete Dentistry, we are dedicated to providing everyone within reach oral healthcare education. Today’s blog will hopefully answer many of our frequently received questions about teeth whitening.


What are the Cosmetic Dentistry Options?

February 13, 2014

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Cosmetic dentistry is a progressive segment of dentistry.  There are constantly new materials, technologies, and methods to attain the best possible results.  Cosmetic dentistry refers to any sections of dentistry that are designed to make the teeth, gums, and smile of patients as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  You will see many dentists market themselves as cosmetic dentists.  There is no formally recognized training involved in cosmetic dentistry so dentists can freely use this term in their description.  This information makes it crucial for patients to interview the prospective doctor to determine that particular doctor’s qualifications.  The best way to become trained as a “cosmetic dentist” is to become a master at the different treatments involved in this section as well as the ability to properly treatment plan any situation. (more…)

How to Pick a Great Family Dentist

October 16, 2013

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Dentistry is a profession that much of our population knows little about. When asked what a prosthodontist or and endodontist does most will have no answer. This makes it difficult to choose a dentist. For someone new to the area, someone who is looking to change dentists, or someone that does not have a dentist, the following is a few tips on how to properly choose a dentist and make sure you end up with one that you can build a great relationship with for years to come.